Airplay Consent

This form is required to be filled out and digitally signed to be considered for airplay on Pinoy Frequency. Also the following criteria is applied for your airplay submissions:

No profanity or explicit content in lyrics, samples, and sound effects used in your song.

At least one member of Filipino descent

CD quality recording of your song sent in an mp3 file (1 song per form 10MB max size)

I, Your Name (required) , the for , hereby agree that it is within my right to allow PINOY FREQUENCY to play the listed band(s)/song(s) on the air and on their syndications effective on the recorded date of submission until a request for removal from the PINOY FREQUENCY database under the following parameters and conditions:

  • PINOY FREQUENCY reserves the right to choose which songs goes on their program and is in no way obliged to play the submitted songs for a specific number of times or frequency
  • PINOY FREQUENCY reserves the right to make available the program re-runs of past shows on demand and syndications without limitations but the song files will not be available for download.
  • In the instance that there are bands that have the same name, PINOY FREQUENCY will retain the use of the band name that submitted their music first while the other band(s) is/are subjected to submit a different version of their name.
  • PINOY FREQUENCY, upon request (utilize our website's contact form to request sound clips), can release sound clips of past broadcasts for the purpose of sharing and promoting through the Internet the song(s)/band(s) airplay. PINOY FREQUENCY will provide a release form, an official sound clip, and logo that can only be used within the parameters indicated in the given release form.

The following bands/songs are bound within this consent form:

I understand, acknowledge and hereby give PINOY FREQUENCY the consent to play the submitted music by the listed bands within the indicated conditions and parameters in this airplay consent form.

Band member(s)/Artist Name:

I agree to signing this AIRPLAY CONSENT FORM digitally

Typing your name on the text box is an official digital signature showing your agreement on this form.

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